Founded by Maurico Domoniq, the namesake brand transcends mere label status, embodying the founder's Leo spirit and unwavering commitment to luxury and exceptional aesthetics. Maurico's transformative approach to design blends streetwear with contemporary style, creating urban luxury. With many years of experience as a creative who's worked as an interior decorator, wardrobe stylist, and fashion buyer, Maurico brings a wealth of creativity and understanding to the brand. Our brand is committed to exceeding expectations, crafting our pieces using premium materials and quality craftsmanship, ensuring both luxury and quality. Maurico finds boundless inspiration in his travels, infusing each collection with the allure of nature, architectural wonders, and the diverse styles of people he encounters across cultures.

Our Tagline

"Chase Your Dreams, Live Beyond Ordinary"

This isn't just our tagline; it's our guiding light. It encapsulates our commitment to fueling your aspirations and leading you toward a life filled with purpose and extraordinary achievements.

Mission & Vision

Elevating Your Style, Igniting Your Potential

Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to craft premium items that not only enhance your appearance and boost your confidence but also serve as a constant reminder to live with purpose, chasing your dreams and pursuing your passions.

Our Iconic Lion Motif

Symbolizing Courage, Strength, and Perseverance

Our symbol, the iconic lion motif, represents courage, strength, and perseverance – values that are essential on the journey to greatness. These values resonate deeply with Maurico, who constantly reminds himself daily of their importance in his own life.